ASDC Recognises Automotive Skills Achievement at Scale with Certif-ID

ASDC Recognises Automotive Skills Achievement at Scale with Certif-ID


atch our latest video as Founder of NSN (National Skills Network), Madhuri Dubey interviews Arindam Lahiri-CEO of ASDC (Automotive Skills Development Council) and Michael Wild-Director of Certif-ID on how Digital Certificates can add value to their Skills Development Council through Blockchain Technology.

? Get insights on how Certif-ID strengthens students’ skilling for ASDC through collaborative efforts and community building. ?

Michael Wild shares insights on how Blockchain Technology ensures:

  1. Security for users and
  2. Engages active users with digital certificates

The new wave of online learning and digital natives has made it very effective and convenient for ? ASDC to advance its certification and data management processes. ? 

Highlight! ? Arindam shares his views on how user-friendly and beneficial Certif-ID has been to ASDC so far and also their vision to provide more job opportunities with the aid of digital certificates via Certif-ID. 

If you’re wondering about the What’s and Why’s of Certif-ID, Michael explains it in depth in this video. Michael also outlines the value of utilising blockchain technology and SkillPass-a digital portfolio that will help ASDC to provide more skills-based job opportunities.

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